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2015/05/01 CSR Research & Education

Taking advantage of the rich natural environment

Wasabo Power Station, a new hydraulic power station of Kamioka Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. (Hida-shi, Gifu) was completed recently. A ceremony to celebrate the completion of the station was also held at the site.
Newly established Wasabo Power Station is the tenth power station of Kamioka Mining and Smelting. The station completed before it was the Tenguno Uchiwa Power Station, which began operation in June 2014.
The basic mechanism of hydraulic power stations is a power generator that produces electricity by dropping volumes of water, taking advantage of a large vertical interval, and then turning water wheels with the current velocity created by the fall. Wasabo Power Station generates electricity by using the vertical interval between the Wasabo River running through a valley and the accumulation site owned by Kamioka Mining and Smelting. It is a clean form of energy that uses the landscape of the rich natural environment. The maximum output is 840kw, making it possible to provide electricity to 1,600 households a year.
The large scale renewal of five existing hydraulic power stations is planned for the next three and a half years. Kamioka Mining and Smelting will actively work to develop and enhance renewable energy.

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