Creative R&D leads to new product and technology that will play a core role in our future enterprise

Materials are the foundation of technologies. Many state-of-the-art materials are used in products that support our comfortable living although they go unnoticed in daily life. We conduct research and development to contribute to social development through creating materials that have new characteristics.

As the core organization of research and development in the Business Creation Division, the R&D Center promotes new business creation and technology accumulation, working with each division and the Material Analysis & Exploration Center.

We have created products that support the businesses of Mitsui Kinzoku including ultra-thin copper foils, Sputtering target materials and ultrafine powders. We will continue striving to create innovative products and reliably support the future of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group.

Development of nanoparticles

Development of nanoparticles

Development of solid electrolyte materials

Development of solid electrolyte materials

Research achievements

Examples of development themes

Research and development through co-creation with partners

Product lifecycles are shorter than ever because of intensifying global competition, ever-changing industries and diversified social needs.

In this context, we believe that integrating external partners (e.g. customers, companies, academia) and our strengths (core technologies) accumulated under our slogan, “Take full advantage of material intelligence.” is key to succeed in research and development.

We call such research and development “research and development through co-creation with partners” and opened the M-Lab Mitsui Kinzoku Open Innovation Site, where Mitsui Kinzoku employees exchange opinions with partners.

The M-Lab;
Mitsui Kinzoku Open Innovation Site

the M-Lab Mitsui Kinxoku Open Innovation Site

Please visit this site to discover our technologies and rely on us to be a solution provider who solves your problems.


Company name Mitsui Mining & Smelting Co., Ltd. Business Creation Sector R&D Center
Address 1333-2 Haraichi, Ageo-shi, Saitama, 362-0021 Japan
TEL +81-48-775-1213




1949 Founded as the Smelting Division Research Section at Meguro-ku, Tokyo.
1959 Moved to Mitaka-shi, Tokyo and changed name to the Central Research Center.
1982 Moved to Ageo-shi, Saitama.
1989 Changed name to the Corporate R&D center.
2014 Divided into the Material Analysis & Exploration Center and the R&D Center.
The R&D Center was placed directly under the Engineered Materials Sector.
2020 The R&D Center was placed directly under the Business Creation Division.
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