Our approach

Mitsui Kinzoku Group, which has roots in the development of resources and the smelting business, is expanding the domains of the products and services from non-ferrous metals to various functional materials for the electronics and other industries, the manufacturing and assembly of functional parts for automobiles, the provision of technical services in the engineering business, and others.
We pursue manufacturing safe and high-quality products that satisfy customers based on the Basic Quality Policy established in 2012 as the standards for our resolute efforts to achieve quality in each business area and site in Japan and overseas.

Fundamental Quality Policy


The Mitsui Kinzoku group considers the voice of its customers to be an asset and as such uses this asset in our efforts to constantly ensure optimal quality. 


  1. We will anticipate the needs of our customers and proactively offer products and services that satisfy them.
  2. The quality of our products is a reflection of the quality of our work. Therefore, we place importance on the participation of all our members and on speed as we strive to raise our overall quality.
  3. In order to guarantee product quality, we adapt our quality assurance systems for each of our business areas and strive to refine our systems. 

This policy applies to all subsidiaries and facilities of the Mitsui Kinzoku group worldwide.

Reinforcement of the quality assurance system

Mitsui Kinzoku Group established the Quality Assurance Department in order to strengthen the group-wide quality assurance system. In addition, quality assurance department in each business line has become independent in order to strengthen quality assurance functions. The Quality Assurance Department at the head office, the Technical Department, Quality Assurance Department of each business division, and The Quality Assurance Department of Mitsui Kinzoku ACT make up the Quality Assurance Committee, which promotes planning and implementation of strengthening the quality assurance system.

Quality assurance system

Quality Assurance Guideline establishment and management system construction

We have established the guideline regarding quality compliance that Mitsui Kinzoku Group should achieve and construct system along with it. It includes reinforcing management system, improving reliability of experiment and inspection data, improving technology and securing quality assured, self-inspection by each business domain, and internal quality audit. In order to disseminate the guideline and raise awareness for quality compliance, we implement trainings of this guideline at all sites in Japan. In FY2020, we implemented self-inspection of the quality compliance at 47 sites in Japan and 24 sites overseas in order to raise awareness for quality compliance.

Quality management system certification

Each business unit conducts appropriate quality control following the quality management system. The manufacturing sites which need to get certification for quality management are officially certified for their quality management such as by ISO9001 and IATF16949.
We have acquired ISO9001 certification at 42 manufacturing sites in Japan and overseas. We have acquired IATF16949(formerly ISO/TS16949) certification, which is a specification for the automotive industry, at 15 manufacturing sites in Japan and overseas (as of the end of March 2021).

Number of operating sites with certifications


Quality assurance month initiatives in 2020

During the "quality month" (November), the followings initiatives were implemented for all employees in our group to raise awareness for quality.
Sending a message from the CEO on quality assurance
General training on quality compliance
③Promoting consultation and reporting on quality compliance 

Quality Control training and group activities (GK)

We conduct quality control training in groups or online for employees to acquire management skills that help improve quality. We provide trainings for employees at all levels, from basic training for new employees to specialized training in statistics, Industrial Engineering and process thinking. All employees are engaged in small group activities (GK) with the aim of developing human resources, revitalizing the workplace, and improving work. In the GK, we are striving to improve the quality of work to contribute to constitutional improvement. At the same time we aim at “human development” to respect the human nature of each employee, draw out their abilities and make workplace truly creative and vibrant. In recent years, the GK activities have become widespread not only in Japanese sites but also in overseas ones.
※GK: We call the small group activities “Group Katsudo (GK)”


Photo:(Left) The GK presentation for FY2020 was conducted online(commemorative photo of the attendees) , Photo:(Right) Confirmation of the actual items at the GK meeting in China


Results of quality management

Product-related accidents and recalls

In FY2020, non-compliance incidents didn’t happen regarding four product safety acts and product liability in Mitsui Kinzoku Group. There was no product accident and product recall in Mitsui Kinzoku Group.

Products safety information provision

Mitsui Kinzoku Group shares products safety information with customers through specification form, technical documentation and SDS (Safety Data Sheet). In FY2020, non-compliance incidents didn’t happen regarding information provision and display of products and services.

Quality complaints from customers

The number of quality complaints had been declining in 13 business domains in Japan by FY2018. In FY2020, it increased in some business units because of stricter quality requirements from some customers and insufficient response to rapid fluctuations in production caused by the Covid19-pandemic.

Number of claims at sites that hold QA meetings



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