The conservation of the global environment is one of our most important management issues

Biodiversity Conservation

Mitsui Kinzoku Group considers biodiversity conservation as one of the most important issues to be addressed in order to build a sustainable society. In accordance with its Basic Environmental Policy, the Group strives to reduce its environmental footprint to minimize its impact on biodiversity. We also promote collaboration with stakeholders based on the conditions in the regions in which our sites are located.

 Reduction of Environmental Footprint
  • Identification of locations with biodiversity value near our operations
  • Environmental assessment for new plant construction and equipment installation
  • GHG emissions reduction
  • Management of wastewater and emissions, and reduction of hazardous substance and waste, using voluntary standards as needed
  • Introduction of a system for environmental contribution product

Biological Habitat Preservation and Landscaping
  • Planting activities at suspended or closed mine sites
  • Tree-planting activities at suspended or closed quarries
  • Promotion of greening at each site and in neighboring areas

Collaboration with Stakeholders
  • Activities at the Huanzala mine and the Pallca mine (in Peru)
  • Donations to tree-planting activities by public organization (at our Chinese site)
  • Release of juvenile fish with local fishermen's association (at our domestic site)
  • Participation in volunteer cleanup activities (at domestic and overseas sites)

Activities at the Huanzala Mine and the Pallca Mine (in Peru)

Compania Minera Santa Luisa S.A, a mining company of Mitsui Kinzoku Group, has been operating the Huanzala mine in central Peru since 1968.
We have been striving to preserve the natural environment since the start of the operation, the first initiative of which was the improvement of the infrastructure around the mine.
The areas surrounding the Huanzala Mine and Pallca Mine, which are situated at an elevation of over 3,000 meters, are home to flora and fauna unique to that environment . Both mines have limited impact on the surface above the grounds as they practice underground mining. However, in order to minimize the effects of mine development and operations, we make sure to process the acidic water properly, and also conduct environmental baseline surveys and bio habitat surveys.
From 2019, due to the construction work to expand the tailings dam, we conduct the transplant of the wetland vegetation group (bofedal) at the Huanzala Mine, which is being performed in partnership with experts and affiliated government agencies in Peru. In addition, since 2018, we have been distributing pamphlets to the local residents on animal and plant protection, thereby providing information on initiatives being implemented toward the preservation of biodiversity.

Biodiversity imgages
The transplantation work of plants around the Huanzala Mine

Mining business

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