Sustainability Management Framework

Sustainability Policy

The basic idea underpinning our concept of corporate social responsibility is to put our Management Philosophy into practice. Mitsui Kinzoku’s Management Philosophy, which was developed more than 30 years ago, is aimed at allowing us to “explore products of value to society” and ensuring “the eternal growth of our group.”
The concept of the Management Philosophy is in line with our aspiration for addressing social issues and contributing to building a sustainable society. The Corporate Slogan and the Code of Conduct serve as supplementary provisions of the Management Philosophy. In 2016, the Management Philosophy, the Corporate Slogan, and the Code of Conduct were integrated to form Mitsui Kinzoku’s Basic CSR Policy.
Firmly guided by this Basic CSR Policy, the entire Group is committed to promoting sustainability so that all executives and employees of Mitsui Kinzoku Group can exercise their responsibility toward stakeholders.

Mitsui Kinzoku’s Basic CSR Policy

Our CSR activities and our business activities are one and the same. These activities are executed in line with our Management Philosophy and Code of Conduct and by taking full advantage of Material Intelligence.

Mitsui Kinzoku’s Basic CSR Policy

our Management Philosophy

Mitsui Kinzoku’s mission statement included in its Management Philosophy
The Management Philosophy was developed and documented in 1984, more than 30 years ago. It declares that the major goals of the company’s business are contribution to society and sustainable growth. Grateful to our predecessors for having the foresight to appreciate the perspective of sustainability, we will pass on the values they sought to uphold.

Corporate Slogan

Mitsui Kinzoku in a nutshell
We are a manufacturing company mainly dealing with non-ferrous metal materials and always thinking about what’s our strengths, how can we utilize them effectively, and what value can we create.

Code of Conduct

Specific commitment to implementing the Management Philosophy
The Code of Conduct defines basic requirements that employees must comply with in their daily business activities to make them aware of their social responsibilities so that we can grow together with our stakeholders.

Management Framework

Mitsui Kinzoku Group realizes sustainability by addressing each materiality.

Organization to address materiality

Responsibility for each material issue lies with a subcommittee of the CSR Committee. Issues that must be addressed by each business line are the responsibility of a committee in charge. These committees and subcommittees report their activities at a regular CSR Committee meeting and share their problems and concerns.

The CSR Committee, which is responsible for promoting CSR activities throughout the Group, is chaired by the President and participated in by all corporate departments. It has seven subcommittees, which are composed of the seven core subjects of ISO 26000. The CSR Office, which is dedicated to the CSR activities, serves as the secretariat.

Organization to address materiality

Management System

Based on the management organization, the management system was introduced. Under the system, the PDCA cycle is performed annually. For each material issue, the Group has set a policy that includes a particular target.
Each subcommittee and committee in charge conducts routine check and assessments every one to three years to review concerns and risks. For identified risks, a plan for improvement is developed and a further assessment is made. The CSR Committee reports annual activities at its meeting, assesses these activities, and discusses how to improve them.
The Board of Directors is responsible for assessing overall CSR activities and the CSR management system on a regular basis. It also reviews and approves CSR reports, which summarize the objectives, action plans, and achievements of materiality for each fiscal year. With regard to important events and decisions, the Board decides whether to approve them and also assesses them.

Management System
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