Climate Change

The conservation of the global environment is one of our most important management issues

Response to climate change

We recognize impact of climate change as a risk to our business and advance initiatives to reduce the emission of GHG, greenhouse gases.
Our Environmental Action Plan states the goal of reducing CO2 emissions for the Group by 7% up to FY2030 (compared to FY2013). We conduct activities to reduce energy use, reduce CO2 emissions, and create renewable energy.
FY2018, CO2 emissions originating from energy consumption by our Group both domestic and overseas amounted to 1,650.5 thousand tons of CO2, down by 6.1% compared to FY2017.

CO2 emissions from energy consumption(thousand t-CO2)(Scope1・2)

CO<sub>2</sub> emissions from energy consumption

※ Emission amounts from overseas sites have been added to the total amount starting FY2017.
※ The emission amount in FY2017 from overseas sites that was disclosed in our CSR Report 2017, which stated that it was 449.8 thousand tons of CO2, was recalculated and revised.
※ Figures for CO2 emissions from energy consumption were calculated using emission factors derived in a manner conforming to the “Act on Promotion of Global Warming Countermeasures.” CO2 emissions derived from purchased electricity in Japan were calculated using the latest basic emission factors of electric power suppliers. For emission factors overseas, the per-country emission factors “CO2 emission factors from electricity” reported by the International Energy Agency (IEA) were used.
※ We have received an independent practitioner’s assurance for the figures for FY2018 in this information to whichis attached.

Reduce CO2 emission in logistics(Scope 3)

Mitsui Kinzoku Group strives to reduce the use of transportation fuel. We are striving to improve the loading ratio at the time of transportation and shorten transportation routes and promote a modal shift from truck to railways and ships. We are also working to reduce transportation fuels and CO2 by negotiating the form and frequency of delivery with customers and suppliers.

CO2 emissions in logistics (Non-consolidated, t-CO2/year)
(Scope 3)

CO<sub>2</sub> emissions in logistics (Non-consolidated, t-CO<sub>2</sub>/year)(Scope 3)

* The scope of data calculation covers only the transportation which are designated as Specified Consigner by the Act on the Rational Use of Energy.
* We have received an independent practitioner’s assurance for the figures for FY2018 in this information to whichis attached.

Energy-Saving Committee

We have an Energy-Saving Committee which promotes the reduction of energy consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission at manufacturing sites in Japan.
The chairman is nominated by the President from among the Directors and take on responsibility as the Energy Management Administrator.
The Energy-Saving Committee sets goals for the realization of energy consumption and checks the progress of activities at each site. It also plans measures to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions such as the adoption of energy-saving equipment, improvement the in-house generation rate, and effective use of renewable energy and waste heat.
We will proceed these activities including overseas sites and strengthen our response to climates change throughout the entire group.

Energy-Saving Committee image

Energy-saving activity in Takehara Refinery, Hiroshima prefecture

Renewable energy

Mitsui Kinzoku Group will further expand the use of renewable energy as clean energy in place of fossil fuels.
Kamioka Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd., Gifu prefecture, has 10 hydroelectric power plants. The earliest one has started operating in 1917. The renewal construction work, which started in FY2015 with a total investment of 20.8 billion yen, was fully completed in FY2018,and the output totaled approximately 40,000 kW.
Hikoshima Smelting Co., Ltd., Yamaguchi prefecture, has started the solar PV which outputs around 2 MW (megawatts) since March 2016. Okuaizu Geothermal Co., Ltd., located in Fukushima prefecture, which provides the steam for geothermal power generators, has been making efforts to achieve stable provision ever since the company began its operations in 1995.

Kanakido power plant, Kamioka Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. image

Kanakido power plant,
Kamioka Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd.

Okuaizu Geothermal Co., Ltd. image

Okuaizu Geothermal Co., Ltd.

Solar power plant, Hikoshima Smelting Co., Ltd. image

Solar power plant, Hikoshima Smelting Co., Ltd.

From car to bus
~ An attempt to reduce CO2 emission in MITSUI KINZOKU ACT~

In Mitsui Kinzoku Act Co., Ltd.'s Yokohama Honmoku Center, Kamome-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, there are more than 400 employees including affiliated companies. Over 200 employees used to commute by car until March 2019.
April 2019, commuter bus service between Yokohama Honmoku Center and JR Negishi station started for the employees as an replacement for car commute.
As a result of this attempt, almost all of the employees stopped car commute, which greatly reduced CO2 emission from car commute. The amount of CO2 annual reduction by this attempt is estimated to be about 170,000kgs-CO2, which is almost equal to the CO2 emission for 200 cars ※1 and the annual CO2 absorption by approximately 12,000 cedar trees ※2.
In addition, further reduction of CO2 emission is expected as the operation of the bus service is entrusted to Yokohama Municipal Bus, which positively introduces environmentally-friendly vehicles.
※1 Ministry of the Environment “National Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Fiscal Year 2017”
※2 Forestry agency

Commuter bus for MITSUI KINZOKU Act at JR Negishi Station (Yokohama Municipal Bus vehicle)

Commuter bus for MITSUI KINZOKU Act at JR Negishi Station
(Yokohama Municipal Bus vehicle)

Parking space in Honmoku Center


before Parking space in Honmoku Center image
before Parking space in Honmoku Center image


After Parking space in Honmoku Center image

CO2・Energy Data

ESG Data Environment CO2・Energy

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