Health and Safety

Basic Policy on health and safety

Mitsui Kinzoku Group holds that occupational health and safety is essential for business continuity. In accordance with our Basic Policy on health and safety, we provide a safe and comfortable worksite environment.

Basic Policy on health and safety


Based on the recognition that ensuring the health and safety of all people working for Mitsui Kinzoku Group is the most important element for conducting business activities, we will establish a comfortable work environment.


  1. We will make efforts to introduce new methods and technologies to improve health and safety.
  2. We will improve the organizations and systems at each location and company of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group for the promotion of health and safety activities.
  3. We will identify and assess the risks or harmful factors in all areas of our business activities and make efforts to eliminate or minimize them.
  4. We will make efforts to introduce new methods and technologies to improve health and safety.
  5. Based on the recognition that ensuring health and safety will be realized with good communication, we aim to communicate with all people working for the Mitsui Kinzoku Group.
  6. We will strive to continuously improve the health and safety management system by regularly undergoing an audit.
  7. We will remind all people working for the Mitsui Kinzoku Group of the importance of ensuring health and safety and increase their awareness through education and activities to raise awareness, etc. about this.

These policies apply to all the directors, officers and employees of Mitsui Kinzoku and its Group companies.

Environmental and Safety Management System

Mitsui Kinzoku Group has established the Supreme Safety & Environmental Meeting as a place to deliberate and determine the most important matters related to safety and the environment. Guidelines and action plans determined at the Meeting are spread to each site by the Environmental and Safety Supervisory Manager (General manager of the Environmental and Safety Dept.) under the direction of the Chief Environmental and Safety Officer
Each site has a chief person responsible for managing environmental safety, who makes sure that the required actions are being reliably executed.

Environmental and Safety Management System image

Health and safety management system

Mitsui Kinzoku Group adopted the occupational health and safety management system, OHSAS 18001, for major sites. Currently, we are working to sequentially change this to ISO 45001 certification. For small-sized sites, we developed an internal certification system. At each site, we promote effective activities through the PDCA cycle in accordance with the management system. In addition, we implement internal safety audits both in Japan and overseas in order to confirm the operational situation of the management system at the manufacturing site. Through the internal safety audits, we confirm whether compliance with laws and regulations is implemented, pointing out hazardous places and following up the improvements that have been made after the audits.

Labor-management activities

At each site, meetings of the Health and safety committee are held between labor and management based on the Industrial Safety and Health Act in order to discuss countermeasures to prevent labor accidents and health impairment

Meetings of the Central Health Act are also held once a year in order to share company policies and information on occupational health and safety at each site.

The attendees of the committee meetings are as follows; the Chief Environmental and Safety Officer, the Chief Environmental and Safety Administrators of each site, and the officer in charge of safety at labor unions under the Mitsui Mining & Smelting Workers Union.

We have concluded an agreement on health and safety with the Mitsui Mining & Smelting Workers Union and implement measures for occupational health and safety based on the agreement.

Internal safety audits

Teams made up of safety officers from each business division and the Environment & Safety Department conduct safety audits of each site.
They check aspects such as action taken to address issues identified in the previous audit, execution of the safety and health management program, enhancement of the intrinsic safety of equipment, chemical substance risk assessments and the status of safety training. They then conduct a field audit of each site. The audit results are immediately shared with the management of each site.

Health and safety training

Each production site improves the safety awareness of their employees by conducting KY (“Kiken Yochi ” meaning “hazard prediction”) activities before starting operations, and giving experiential risk training by experienced employees.
Furthermore, at each workplace the workers and supervisors talk about safety issues, implementing training to ensure the safety and working on safety compliance activities thoroughly.

Health and safety training images
Health and safety training images

President’s policy on important health and safety issues

Mitsui Kinzoku Group analyses every year’s safety performance results and the status of accident occurrences, deciding on the “President’s policy on important health and safety issues” as a next measure that should be promptly and intensively implemented.

President’s policy on important health and safety issues for 2021(*)

  1. [Preventive management]
    Learn from risks that led to accidents at other sites and reduce similar risks for accident prevention and management.
  2. [Intrinsic safety of equipment]
    Improve the intrinsic safety of equipment, rather than look to protective gear or manuals, according to the concept of risk-reduction measures.
  3. [Safety compliance activities]
    Continue the safety compliance activities of "Teach, Follow, and Observe Rules" to eradicate accidents caused by rule violations.
  4. [Sensitivity to hazards]
    Make all workers of the Mitsui Kinzoku Group recognize the importance of sensitivity to hazards and improve the sensitivity level.

Based on the above policies, all business units and relevant companies must prepare and implement safety and health basic objectives as well as a safety and health priority plan appropriate for the needs of each unit or company to aim for zero accidents.
(*)The policies are based on the analysis of the accidents occurring between January and September 2020, and enacted in October.

Integrated Report Occupational health and safety 

Health management

Our approach

Mitsui Kinzoku Group aims to continue to contribute to society with valuable products. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to create a work environment where all employees can maintain both physical and mental health in order to exercise their individualities and ability. We become even more vibrant company through keeping our employees health.

Promotion system

Mitsui Kinzoku Group promotes initiatives to maintain or improve the employee’s health, establishing cooperative relationships with general affairs department of headquarters and general affairs/human resources department at each site so that the initiatives are well performed at the whole company.

Our initiatives

At each site, we strive to unitarily manage each employee’s personal data on health and standardize how to handle the information. In addition, we implement stratified education program and provide information on health through the corporate magazine, the intranet and lectures by occupational health physicians in order for each employee to improve health literacy. Various kinds of exercise events are also held for the employees to make their life-style better.

Regarding employees’ mental health, the stress check has been conducted in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act. The stress check in FY2019 shows that 14.7% of the subjects of the test have high levels of stress. This result is almost the same level as the average year.

Also, we use the results of the stress check for employees’ self-care and for understanding the strength and weakness of each department based on the results of organizational analyses, working to improve the workplace environment.

Luncheon seminar image

Healthy dishes tasting at Luncheon seminar at headquarters

Mental health care

Training on organizational analyses of the stress check at Copper Foil Division

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