2015/10/01 CSR Research & Education

Community-based emergency drill

A maritime emergency drill, which simulated a heavy oil spill accident at sea, was conducted under the sponsorship of Takehara Refinery (Takehara-shi, Hiroshima) and the guidance of the Kure Coast Guard Office.
This drill aims to enhance and strengthen the maritime disaster prevention system to minimize damage, working in cooperation with neighboring organizations in the area. Four companies that have business bases in the Takehara area will take turns hosting and conducting the drill.
The drill this year simulated the release of a large volume of heavy oil from a tanker coming along the berth of Takehara Refinery caused by the breaking of a bulb during oil transfer.
The companies involved began by transmitting the accident information and setting up a task force. Next, the inner harbor guard and the fire vehicle team of Takehara Refinery set up an oil fence and oil sorbent mats to prevent spilled oil from spreading and collect it. A patrol boat of the Coast Guard Office also went into action, and we checked how to deal with the accident in cooperation with the Coast Guard Office.
Although the first priority is to prevent accidents from occurring, we will conduct these kinds of exercises at Group company sites so that we can respond quickly and accurately to any unexpected accident that happens.

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