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Corrosion Prevention Business
 Corrosion Prevention Business

Main products(Corrosion Prevention Business)

Parts / Building materials / Structural materialsPlant


Nakabohtec Corrosion Protecting Co., Ltd operates a corrosion prevention business designed to solve corrosion issues customers face with port and harbor structures that surround Japan, salt-air damaged concrete structures, pipelines that support life infrastructures, plant facilities, gate facilities, etc.
Cable Business
Cable Business

Main products(Cable Business)

IoT / ElectronicsMobilityLife / EnvironmentPlant

raw materialsParts / materials

Yoshinogawa Electric Wire & Cable Co., Ltd., handles wires and cables business for applications that support our daily lives, including industrial robots, medical equipment, communications, etc.
IT Systems
IT Systems

Main products(IT Systems)

IoT / Electronics

Equipment / Others

YOURSOFT Inc. drives the IT efforts within the Mitsui Kinzoku Group, and also uses its experience and know-how to serve organizations outside the group, in all industries and sectors, in Japan and overseas.
MIM (Metal Injection Molding) products
MIM (Metal Injection Molding) products

Other Businesses

IoT / ElectronicsMobilityLife / Environment

Parts / materials

Metal injection molding is a metalworking technique for making parts wherein a mixture of metal powder and binder material is injected into a mold. The binder is degreased and the part is sintered.
Engineering Business
Engineering Business

Main products(Engineering Business)


Construction / other

MESCO, Inc. is a dedicated engineering company that provides comprehensive services for various industrial plants. Specifically, we provide planning, project management, operational training, and maintenance services to nonferrous metal ore sorting and refinery plants.
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