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2014/05/05 CSR Research & Education

Kamioka mining & smelting Co., Ltd. which participated in the festival every 20 years

“Otsu shrine Shikinen Festival” is held every 20 years. All over gods of Hida gathered at Otsu shrine (Hida City, Gifu Prefecture), and then pray for good health of people in the community, and bumper crops in the festival. This festival has been handed down over 200 years from the late Edo period, and it was special for corresponding to the 120 anniversary of Otsu shrine Senza this year. Yoshida president and two employees of Kamioka mining & smelting Co., Ltd. participated in the festival as a member of the local resident representative. Yoshida president has said, “I was able to participate in the festival with a tradition of hope and prosperity of the Hida region. Kamioka mining & smelting Co., Ltd. will continue to contribute to the development of the region in the future”.

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