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2015/03/31 CSR Research & Education

Recognized by local communities

Nihon Kessho Kogaku Co., Ltd. (Tatebayashi-shi, Gunma) received the Contribution Grand Prize at the 3rd Shining Companies Awards, which is hosted by the Tatebayashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in recognition of the contributions the company has made to the economic advancement of Tatebayashi City.
In these awards, the Tatebayashi Chamber of Commerce and Industry commends member companies that make particularly significant contributions to the local community and help vitalize the local economy.
Nihon Kessho Kagaku manufactures crystals for semiconductors, crystals for TV cameras, and scintillator crystals, and supplies them globally.
For a company that runs its business in line with the catchphrase “Small but shining in the world,” recognition at the Shining Company Awards is perfectly consistent with its business motto.
The company also received the Tatebayashi-shi Environmental Award in January in recognition for its distinguished achievements in the area of environmental protection, driven by its efforts in energy saving and cleaning activities.
Nihon Kessho Kagaku helps bring about the local environment Tatebayashi City seeks to create for through its business operations that give due consideration to the environment, and by actively participating in local cleaning activities.

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