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2015/08/01 CSR Research & Education

Closest stakeholders are coming

Kamioka Mining and Smelting Co., Ltd. held the Family Factory Tour open to family members of its employees. This tour was part of its security events co-hosted by labor and management.
The tour provided families with an opportunity to see their family members working, something they cannot normally see, and take a tour of the factory. A total of 40 people from 15 families took part.
It was a hot day, with temperatures of more than 30°C, and it was also very hot inside the factory. However, the families appreciated the opportunity, impressed by how hard their fathers work and thanking them for the work they do every day in the heat and tough environment. Careful attention to safety was given during the factory tour, and it ended successfully with no one getting sick.
Everyone who took part really enjoyed the tour. The kids expressed their delight at seeing the large machines and their dads and moms working hard. At the same time, Kamioka Mining and Smelting was able to reaffirm the importance of continuing to address safety and health by labor and management working together to satisfy the desire of family members who knew their dads and moms worked in tough conditions, and assure them that the working conditions are safe.

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